Comunication Policy for the Deaf Workplace

  • BSL must be used at all times.
  • Speech may not be used except off-site. Exceptions to this are only a) specific parts of specific jobs, such as answering the telephone or Speech Therapy, and b) non-signers who need to use interpreters.
  • Interpreters are only to be used to enable non-signers to communicate with signers.
  • Private conversations must be conducted in BSL out of sight of other people. Use of speech in order to conceal communication from Deaf people is unethical, ineffective, and rude.
  • Face-to-face meetings should be used in preference to webcam. Webcam in preference to email. Email in preference to text message. Text message in preference to speech.
  • All rooms should have flashing light doorbells and flashing fire alarms.

This post will be adapted as my ire develops.

Jim CromwellComment