This is a fingerspelling website I made. I made it twenty years ago and just re-hosted on request. The way it seems to be unusual is that it has photographic images of BSL fingerspelling from the perspective of the signer and the perspective of the receiver. So it can help you practice making the letters but also recognising them.

Hopefully some people will still find it useful...!

Jim Cromwell
Help me nominate Herbert Klein for an Honour.

I am nominating Herbert Klein for a Queen's Honour for the many many things he has achieved for the Deaf Community.


If you know, or have known, Herbert, please tell me what you know about him. Where he has worked (with dates if you can), what he has campaigned for, what he has achieved, and any stories about his endless fighting spirit. I need this quite quickly!

Please contact me on this form, and please share this request widely. Thank you!

Jim Cromwell
Primary Care Mental Health Services for Deaf People

Lest we forget, there exist these two documents regarding (in part) interpreters used within the NHS, and primary care mental health services for deaf people. If any Deaf person were to consider complaining, for example, these documents would be good things to point out.

Click the above images to go to their respective sources.

If you do wish to complain, you can share your experience with the Care Quality Commission here. An easier-to-remember version of this link is

To make a formal complaint follow the advice on this page.

Jim Cromwell
I am Fully Registered!

I am delighted to report that the restrictions to my interpreting practice, due to my career break, are now lifted, having been evaluated and approved by an A1 Assessor. I can't express how delighted I am not to have to keep explaining what that meant.

A huge thanks to everybody who has helped - the Deaf people who have provided me with opportunities and given freely of their time, the hearing people who have also allowed me to film, and the interpreters who have variously provided guidance and advice over the last couple of months. I'm reluctant to name people online, but you know who you are.

Jim Cromwell
Temporary Practice Restrictions

These are the limitations to my interpreting work that I must apply until I can find an A1 Assessor to sign me off. From the NRCPD:

We can restrict a regulated communication professional's practice if we need to. This will generally be because the professional is undertaking compulsory skills and knowledge updating to join or rejoin the profession after a period of absence....

While the communication professional is subject to practice restrictions they have to limit the work they accept. They must be certain all the work they accept is safely within their competence range so they do not put themselves, or their clients at risk. On no account must they undertake work of a legal nature, which includes police and court, disciplinary meetings, consents, and contract agreements.

Jim Cromwell