From NUBSLI advice.

BSL/English interpreters generally work in half or full day sessions. However, a call out fee may be charged if an assignment is local to the interpreter or short in duration.

Call out fee: £90
Half day: £120
Full day: £240


Evening and weekend rates

Interpreting during evening hours, at weekends, or on public holidays will usually be charged at the higher rate of time and a half.

Specialist work

Specialist work may incur a higher fee. This includes any assignment which requires additional training, specific expertise and/or a substantial amount of preparation. This may include work such as: mental health, legal, child protection, theatre/performance, television and conferences.

Interpreter provision

Due to the physical and mental demands of interpreting, two interpreters may be required depending on the duration and/or intensity of the work involved. Interpreters will discuss this with you at the time of booking. Larger teams may be called for in specialist settings, such as conferences and Crown Court.


BSL/English Interpreters reserve the right to decline to be filmed or otherwise recorded whilst working (except when such recording is inherent within legal proceedings). Any consent to recordings intended for broadcast or publication is likely to incur an additional fee.

Cancellation charges

0 – 7 days prior to date of assignment: 100% of agreed fee
8 – 14 days prior to date of assignment: 50% of agreed fee

Travel and accommodation expenses

Travel expenses will be paid to cover travel to and from the assignment, and for any travel required as part of the booking. This will be charged at £0.45 per mile for travel by car, or at standard fare rate for public transport.

When an assignment requires an overnight stay, reasonable accommodation expenses will be paid.

Interpreters reserve the right to charge for travel time.

Terms of payment

Payment to be made in full within 30 days of receipt of invoice. After 30 days, charges will be applied as per Late Payment Legislation.