Sign Languages as Indiginous Languages


There is an excellent article in The Conversation today about sign language in the context of indigenous languages , since 2019 is International Year Of Indigenous Languages.

...while we celebrate and promote indigenous languages, cultures and peoples in 2019, let’s not forget about signed languages and the unique contributions that they also bring to their users and communities.
— The Conversation

Notably, it is written by Anouschka Foltz, who receives funding from Public Health Wales and the Wales School for Social Care Research. I point this out because, in my opinion, Wales’ meaningful contribution to BSL recognition is very poor. Especially when compared to the investment in the provision of written Welsh which, while a valuable, justifiable, and important thing to preserve, tangibly benefits only Welsh readers who cannot read English.

A population, according to the last set of census data, of zero.

Jim Cromwell