Exeter Riverside Parkrun interpreted this Saturday

I am interpreting the Run Briefing and the Intro for New Runners at Exeter Riverside Parkrun this Saturday (May 12th). The briefings are at about 8:45 and the run starts at 9:00. Meet at the red and white buoy-thing. Come and have a go. You do not have to be fast. You do not even have to run (you can walk it if you want). It is very friendly.

If you have not done a Parkrun before:

  • It is free.
  • You need to register on this web page.
  • You then get a bar code to print off and bring with you. The bar code says who you are.
  • When you finish your run they give you another bar code. That bar code says what position you finished in.
  • They know the finish times for all the positions.
  • You show BOTH bar codes to the scanning person in the Quay Climbing Centre. This tells Parkrun which runner goes with which finish position.
  • You keep YOURS, and they keep the POSITION bar code.
  • Your finish time will be on the website in the afternoon.
  • You keep your personal bar code so you can use it the next time you run.
Jim Cromwell